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What is full grain leather?

The quality of leather is derived from which layer of the hide is used, as well as the treatment it received before the hide reaches its final stage.

Full grain leather is made from the top layer of the hide (the surface), which has all the grains, hence the name full grain leather. The natural surface of full grain leather products ages beautifully with time. 

What is crazy horse leather?

Crazy horse leather does not mean that the leather came from horses. These leather has been treated to look and feel aged while retaining its ruggedness and toughness. They are usually used to make horse saddles and hence the name "Crazy Horse."

Leather Care Guide

When your wallet gets wet, refrain from using things like hair dryer to hopefully evaporate the water fast as this can alter the leather's properties, resulting in discolourations and uneven tightness. A dry cloth and airing the wallet will do just fine.

If the leather gets too dry, you can purchase neutral leather cream to apply on the wallet to moisturise the leather.

In general, refrain from using detergents or chemicals. Use a damp cloth to wipe your wallet clean and that should do the trick.

Last but not least, leather stretches overtime. Overloading the wallet will loosen the compartments. Take some time to define which items in your wallet are your essentials and remove the excess.

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